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    DeAndre Jordan Dresses In Drag For State Farm ads

    In a sentence that most people would never imagine themselves uttering, the following true, so no double takes are necessary: DeAndre Jordan, NBA star, was cast by insurance company State Farm, to dress in drag in a set of humorous advertisements, along with Damian Lillard, Chris Paul, Kevin Love, and Kevin Garnett. The well-known insurance […]

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    Chris Paul And Aaron Rodgers Ultimate Trick Shots

    NBA star Chris Paul and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers go head to head in a set of awesome trick shots. Linking up with the guys at Dude Perfect the two athletes demonstrate some pretty impressive precision. These arent your average long distance attempts. The stunts range from a rotating basketball goal, a full […]

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    Watch Lil Wayne’s Skateboarding Stunt Reel

    Wayne has come a long way with his passion for the skateboard grind. We use to get footage of Weezy nearly killing himself trying to perfect his skills, yet without fail (or with fails) the YMCMB boss kept it pushing. Today Lil Wayne released a little over two minutes of his skateboarding stunt reel and […]

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    Dope: Seabreacher – Personal Submarines that look like Sharks & Killer Whales

    The innovative company Innespace has introduced a entirely new class of watercraft. Designed to resemble some of the ocean’s most awesome and favorited creatures ranging from Killer Whales, Sharks, Sailfish, Dolphins and more, this 2 person vehicle jumps above the surface and dives below at neck breaking speeds. Within the cockpit, seated behind 1/2″ thick […]

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    NBA STARS read Mean Tweets

    We all know the world is a cold place and people can be cruel, especially on social media. But sometimes, thats exactly what make great entertainment. On the latest installment of Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets, a series where he has various celebrities come in and read some of the worst Twitter tweets “fans” have written […]

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    Shaquille O’Neal Gets A Pedicure

    Quite seriously: I cannot begin to even fathom how a rich and wealthy (former or active) pro ball player could ever allow his feet or toes look like this. His toes look like someone dropped sledgehammers or anvils on them, over and over again. Apparently, these toes are real and they really belong to Shaquille […]

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    The Air Jordan 5 “ProStars”

    If you grew up in the 90’s you may be familiar with the sports-hero cartoon, “ProStars”, which featured Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson (NFL Legend), and Wayne Gretzky (Hockey Great) all whose unique athletic abilities gave them power to fight crime. On June 6th, the Jordan Brand will be paying homage with the Air Jordan 5’s […]

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    March Madness Gross $700 Million Dollars No Money To Players

    The NCAA Mens’ basketball tournament is going to make over 700 million dollars this year, but the athletes playing in the games will see none of it. Instead, the NCAA has devised a complex, byzantine system to divide the money among all the various participating conferences with some making out better than others. For bigger […]