Joe Montana Compares Colin Kaepernick To Tim Tebow “Colin Kaepernick isn’t in the NFL for the same reason Tim Tebow isn’t.”

With so much press and media headlines surrounding both Colin Kaepernick and Tim Tebow, it should not be a surprise that Joe Montana mentioned them both in the same sentence. Also, rightfully labeled, Joe Montana is one of NFLs most memorable and skilled quarterbacks in NFL history. Therefore, his statements and opinions on athletes are definitely worth listening to. Montana points out that Colin Kaepernick, former San Fransisco 49er is one of the most famous quarterbacks in the NFL.

Similarly, Tim Tebow is also a famous NFLer. However, there are some aspects of the NFL that can only be revealed by someone who has been on the inside, and been in locker rooms or truly understand the business. Joe Montana is knowledgeable about all aspects of the NFL and shares his inside take on both athletes, conveying a very easy to understand ideal.

Joe Montana states, ͞what is comes down to is 40 percent completion or even in the low 50s, you can’t win in the league with that. You won’t be in the league very long. It comes down to his play as much as anything.͟ Although many fans and analyst have summed up Kaepernick͛s decline in the league to his refusal to stand during the National Anthem as a statement to end police violence. Montana feels it was possibly a contributing factor to the events of his career but not the full reason. Instead, it boiled down to performance. Tim Tebow for example, had a completion rate of 47.9 for a total of 35 games.

Colin Kaepernick alternatively had a completion rate of 59.8 over 69 games. Additionally, Kaepernick’s completion rate for the duration of his career was 58.4. The point, if performance isn’t the issue, mindset can be. Montana reveals that no distractions are wanted or nurtured in the NFL. It is all about focus on the game. Although Kaepernick and Tebow had very different stats, sub-par performance and distractions go hand in hand when comes to negative forces in the NFL which can lead to the demise of a career.

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Joe Montana Compares Colin Kaepernick To Tim Tebow “Colin Kaepernick isn’t in the NFL for the same reason Tim Tebow isn’t.”