Arian Foster & 12 NFL Players Invest Over $800k In Lemonade Company Run by 12 Year Old

We have all been coaxed by our parents to be responsible and learn the value of money as well as how to manage what is given to us when we are children. In doing so, many generations of parents have used the classic childhood hustle of having your own lemonade stand as a lesson in responsibility. It’s easy to setup, has very little overhead, and also teaches several basic principles. Well, 12-year old Mikaila Ulmer set up a lemonade stand in Austin, Texas which not only incorporated responsibility, money management, and marketing, but also turned into a major business deal!

Me & The Bees Lemonade is the innocent and catchy name which Mikaila gave to the lemonade stand which caught the attention of NFL player, Arian Foster as well as many other athletes such as Omar Bolden, Bobby Wagner, Malik Jackson,  and Jonathan Grimes just to name a few. Now, keep in mind little Mikaila understands the new era of business, and the new era of marketing, and just like the old adage states, that some people are just born with the ability to ‘sell’, Mikaila is definitely one of those people. Thinking much bigger than simply setting up a table in front of her parents home or outside of a local store, Mikaila took her business plan to the ‘Sharks’, literally. Appearing on the popular television shows ‘Shark Tank’, ‘Good Morning America’ Mikaila has been able to introduce the world to her flaxseed and honey based lemonade which illustrates a recipe which was handed down from her great-grandmother.

Not only does Me & The Bees Lemonade taste great, but Mikaila incorporated a lot of her loving personality into the business as well and donates a portion of her profits to assist in fighting colony collapse disorder to truly help save the lives of bees. With such a heartfelt contribution back into society and an awesome recipe, Mikaila has received over 850,000 in investments to assist in her business endeavors. This young lady is well on her way to a million dollar brand!

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