Tyrone Lue Offers Allen Iverson A Job

Over a decade ago, these two basketball players became rivals when Allen Iverson put Tyronn Lue into the spotlight, and not in the most positive of ways, by stepping over him. However, Lue isn’t one to hold a grudge and as the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, he said he is willing to work with Iverson as his assistant coach. During a spontaneous interview with TMZ at the airport of all places, Lue told TMZ, “He can come coach with me.”

The rivalry between the two basketball stars began in 2001 at the NBA finals when Iverson and Lue went head-to-head during the first game. Iverson got the best of Lue, who was the Los Angeles Laker’s Point Guard at the time. Afterward, this went down as a memorable part of NBA history and there was a bit of trash talk afterwards, especially when Lue got a $5 million dollar deal from the Washington Wizards as head coach.

Even still, the two are very close and when they trash talk each other, it’s all in good fun, even during the time Iverson recounted a trash talking story during his induction speech into the Basketball Hall of Fame. In fact, the two are more like brothers than rivals and they have an enormous amount of respect for each other and they way they both play the game. “I love him like a brother. Glad he got inducted into the Hall of Fame. Well deserved and one of the best players of all time in the NBA,” Lue said.

Is this an actual offer or just a joke? Will Assistant Coach be added to Iverson’s successful sport’s resume? Either way, we’re glad to see the pair getting along off the court and we think they’d make just as great a pair on the court.

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Tyrone Lue Offers Allen Iverson A Job